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Using SSIS to Import HTTP-Based XML Document

Introduction The post, XML Document Sourced SSRS Report Using HTTP URL, demonstrated how a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) data source can be used to reference an Extensible Markup Language (XML) document located via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) protocol-based URL. Another approach to reporting off an XML document is to first extract the XML data using SQL Server Integration… Read More »

XML Document Sourced SSRS Report Using HTTP URL

Introduction In my Business Intelligence development experience, most of my SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports have largely been based off a relational data sources such Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database. However, in some instances whereby an SSRS report is based off Operational Data Source (ODS) or Online transaction processing (OLTP) system, Extensible Markup Language… Read More »

Load Integration Services Assembly File Into Visual Studio 2010 Project

Abstract SQL Server Integration Services 2012 comes with a new API for scripting packages which is called MOM – Managed Object Model. This API is accessed through the Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.IntegrationServices.dll assembly file. However, when you create an SSIS 2012 project/package using Visual Studio 2010, the assembly file is missing. In this post, I will show you… Read More »

Download & Save SSIS Packages from SQL Server 2008 Instance to XML Format

Abstract This article explains how to Programmatically download SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages from an instance of SQL Server 2008 and save them into an XML file using a Microsoft’s SSIS Script Task component. Requirements Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (or later editions) SQL Server 2005 (or later editions) Article If the above requirements are… Read More »