Connect to SQL Server in QlikView

By | June 12, 2016

As business intelligence solution developers, we should not limit ourselves to using tools from specific vendors instead we should try and explore as many data visualization tools as we possibly can. In this article, we illustrate using screenshots on how you can connect to SQL Server from QlikView to visualize SQL Server data.

How to connect SQL Server from QlikView

Create new document


Close “Getting Started Wizard”


Edit Script


Connect to an OLE DB source


Choose SQL Server provider and click Next to configure the connection


Once you are finished configuring your SQL Server connection, an OLEDB CONNECT TO command will be added into your script as shown below.


How to load SQL Server into QlikView

Click Select… button to configure your select statement.


Choose your columns. In our example, we have chosen data from our fictitious FruitSales view.


When you are done configuring a Select statement, it will be added into your script page as shown below:


Reload your document to refresh dataset


My first-ever QlikView report

Once you have configured your connection and dataset, you can create a report based off your FruitSales dataset as shown below:


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