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Single package deployment does not replace package deployment

In my article, Single package deployment in SQL Server Integration Services 2016, I covered the exciting single package deployment feature available in SQL Server 2016 via SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) 2015. I think in the midst of the excitement, some people started confusing this new feature with package deployment model. In this post, I try to clear… Read More »

SQL Server Exercise for Data Warehouse Candidates

Background Part of the process when looking for candidates to bring into a data warehouse team is to ensure that you hire competent and reliable people. We recently had to fill a data warehouse position in our team and I setup the following technical exercise that helps measure technical competencies of candidates. Candidates were required to do… Read More »

Execute All Packages Within SSIS Project Catalog

The SSIS Project Deployment Model is great! It really is the best thing since sliced bread! I specifically appreciate the package execution logging and reporting that is provided by this model but …. (there is always a but :), right), lately I’ve been looking for ways to execute all packages within a project at once.… Read More »

Using REST API in SSIS to Extract Top 100 User Tweets

Abstract The growing popularity of the use of social networks by businesses indicate a possible change in ETL requirements. Part of this change is that developers had to revise existing ETL model such that it caters for sourcing of data off the internet in addition to the traditional flat files or OLE/ODBC Connections. In this… Read More »

Execute Process Task – Compress File Using 7-Zip

Abstract In this blog post I will demonstrate using SQL Server Integration Services‘s Execute Process Task to compress a csv file into a zip format using 7-Zip. Requirements Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or later 7-Zip SIFISO_Test Article Recently I have been involved in a project whereby I have been required to extract data into csv… Read More »

SSIS 2012: Programmatically Create Catalog

Abstract I have a client that has already started migrating existing SQL Server environments to SQL Server 2012. Thus, this article will demonstrate creating a catalog and catalog folder using a Script Task component. Requirements Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Article We begin by launching Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new Integration Services Project which… Read More »